Wait..I Said What!?

Remember that first boy (or girl-I'm totally gender neutral) you thought you would love forever? The one that you sent really embarrassingly cheesy/sappy Facebook chats to? (or notes? I'm such a child of this current generation). 

Well, I do. I'm gonna use the power of initials for anonymity (just in case I have lurkers that I know--conceited right?) so I hereby dub this kid J.D. And I never deleted some of those Facebook chats so I stumbled upon them the other day:
Let's dissect. First, the typos are horrid. The red squiggly line isn't just decoration. Take notice and fix it! Second, let's find the cliches! I spy with my little eye...at least four. If you are trying to woo me, please take some time to be original/witty. Third, guess what our relationship is at this point in our lives? Maybe friends that occasionally chat it up every now and then just to catch up on life?

Nope. He deleted me on Facebook. Guess his love wasn't as eternal as he originally thought-oops.

Oh, I'm sure he remembers who I am. Letsbehonest, I'm slightly unforgettable. But I would bet money on the fact that he doesn't remember ever saying words like this to me. And his current girlfriend of about three years (I'm almost ashamed of how much of a Facebook creep I am. Chances are I've creeped on you and ended up on your grandmother's profile. #SorryImNotSorry) probably wouldn't appreciate the fact that he said them to me before he whispered them to her. Because I'm 96% positive that his vocabulary hasn't changed much throughout the years. He's not exactly doing much with his life (whew-dodged a bullet there!).

Reminiscencing led me to think about my own vocabulary. Am I tossing words like "love" around meaninglessly? I think, eventually, that I want to get married. I don't like the idea of other girls speaking sappy syllables to my future husband. That's MY job. And I'm sure my future fiance would rather me save my emotional words for him. So, for that reason, I vow to overthink my verbal interactions with the opposite sex in order to preserve the power of a word like "love".

Just like the physical part of a life-long love should be special, so should the emotional expressions. Thanks for the insight J.D., I truly wish you well!

Oh, and hey, dear future hubby, wherever you are, I know that someday you will make me A Very Lucky Girl. 


  1. J.D. was a ding-bat from the beginning. However, I'm so glad that you learned a valuable life lesson. We learn the most from our mistakes, or from other people's lol. So proud of you girl! Keep on loving life and yourself <3


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