Dressing to Impress

This week has been a social experiment of sorts for my wardrobe (mainly because I bought new clothes over the weekend and had to let them out in the open and partially because I don't think Nike shorts are allowed in Manhattan. And I'll be there in a week-gotta practice my chic look). 

Someone once told me "to dress for the job you want, not the job you have." Well if that's the case I would love to make money while being a total bum, so I have been dead-on in my outfit choices this semester. (Plus-what happens when the job you want is the job you have? Mind blown.) I do understand the concept of dressing up for occasions that require it: interviews, dates, special dinners, celebrations, fratlapping, etc. But when I'm doing what I love to do, reading, blogging, eating, hanging out with friends, or sitting on the couch, I don't think I need to wear the overly sparkly dress with the hooker heels. 

I'd much rather rock some Nike shorts and an oversized tshirt with Boomer Sooner emblazoned across my chest. Shoes are optional. 

And, for me, if I dress to impress everyday I lose the excitement that a special outfit can procure when it's retrieved from the recesses of the closet. Also, I'd run out of clothes. My budget isn't quite ready for a day to day life without Nike shorts. How bleak!

In sweatpants or a sundress I'm A Very Lucky Girl.


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