On Time With a Chance of Early

This title accurately describes my attendance style, whether it be for class, an appointment, or just a deadline I've set for myself, except when it comes to falling asleep. That's when I'm later then I should be.

It's just that I don't want to miss anything! I'm sure that most things exciting (and all things mischievous) occur after 11 on a college campus. I live in fear of drifting off before midnight, only to be regaled the next morning with tales of all that I missed.

Or in fear of drifting off and sleeping through all of my alarms. This is my biggest fear (and it has come to life several times) and it is the worst feeling in the world to wake up, groggy and disoriented, only to realize that Taylor Swift has been tirelessly singing "Enchanted" for the past hour and a half and that I am on my way to sleeping through my second class of the day. 

For this reason I set multiple alarms, no matter the importance of the appointment. The problem is, that I continually set new and different alarms, never deleting the previous ones on my phone.

All together I have 107 alarms on my phone. 1.0.7. This is merely a glimpse. Sometimes I think about deleting them, but then I realize I nap too often to risk that. If I need to wake up at 7 PM to finish a paper I merely turn the switch to "on" for the 6:53, 6:55, 7:10, and 7:28 PM alarms. 

Thanks to my paranoia I should never be late again. Ever. 
Thanking my lucky stars for the invention of the alarm,
A Very Lucky Girl.


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