Table For One, Please.

I had dinner with myself Tuesday night. And not in a creepy, lonely, I-don't-have-any-friends way. But in a peaceful, unpressured, leisurely carefree way.

When I waitress I love seeing some of the people that come in by themselves, with only a book, a newspaper, or an iPad to keep them company. (except for this one lady, Sandy. We had a slight snafu and she always requests to sit somewhere other than my section. I am okay with this, she's a horrible tipper anyway!) They possess exorbitant self confidence to come into a crowded restaurant and find quiet strength within themselves to eat alone.

My date with myself went exceptionally well. It's too soon to tell, of course, but I'm definitely thinking a repeat date is in order, maybe even a long term commitment. I sat in the corner of the Caf, nibbling on carrots, Chick Fil A chicken nuggets, and bacon potatoes. Good food, good company. I had my sociology notes open on my table just because I felt strange sitting there without anything visible to occupy me, but in reality I read a book on my phone. 

Confession: I went home after that and took a nap. *gasp* sleeping together on a first date? Gosh, I'm such a slut. ;) (not really, please know I'm joking!) All in all, it was a superb supper and I might have to make it a weekly thing. With the constant pull of life it's nice to just be A Very Lucky Girl. 


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