Putting on My Ruby Slippers

I'm currently channeling my inner Dorothy because there truly is no place like home!

What I love about the 73120: (I skipped the rest of the address because I have several international views, which on the one hand is really cool! But on the other hand...potentially sketchy)

  1. Homemade Food. And by homemade I mean made by me at home. Because both Shari and Paul had prior dinner plans tonight (the risk you run with surprises), I got on my Paula Dean level and cooked some truly excellent spaghetti. That's pretty much the extent of my cooking skills, and I even almost ruined the whole thing when I grasped the pot of boiling pasta with my bare hands. Give me a break, I forgot oven mitts existed, alright? I don't get to cook at school! Good thing Shari doesn't like leaving me alone in her kitchen and was there in about .58 seconds to fix my mistake. Her hasty appearance made me wonder if she had just been waiting for something to go wrong....
  2. I get to shower in my very own sparkling clean bathroom. Without shoes! It's a comforting feeling to pee without the knowledge that 17 other people had their butts on that very same toilet earlier in the day. At least...that's what I thought. Until I found a contact lens case on the counter (I wear glasses only). And an unfamiliar hairbrush in the drawer. And found some really disconcerting conditioner in my shower (I ended up using it. So. Many. Regrets. It's some weird almond shea butter stuff. My hair smells so strange. Stay away from my head until I fix this situation). So I can only assume that my family has adopted a blind, long-haired child that likes to bathe in butter. I wish they'd think about their choices.
  3. Exchanging sassy remarks with Paul about his rose-hued pants. Seriously. Rose. Like a dusty rose. I'd almost rather him wear the orange ones. ALMOST. (but really, what's wrong with some nice blue jeans?)
  4. Lounging on my parents' gigantic sleigh bed while Shari shows off her Seattle purchases. I'm already plotting a believable disappearance of her new butter yellow purse. Shhhh.
  5. Commenting about the fact that Beignet needs a bath desperately, but cuddling with her anyways. 
  6. Doing laundry for free. You can't beat that. Ever.
  7. My bed is at least 3 times the size of my cot at OU. You could play an invigorating game of hide and seek amongst the pillows, blankets, and various stuffed creatures littering the sheets. In fact, I suspect this is where they are hiding the adopted child. I'll have to investigate that later.
What I hate about the 73120:

  1. Leaving.
But I'll only have to put those red slippers on standby tomorrow, I'll be back in a week! It's for a doctor's appointment that I have some question marks about, but until then I'll continue to cling to the never-changing fact that I'm A Very Lucky Girl.


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