I Work Out

This week has been one of the most invigorating of my life. I've had two interviews, accomplished my schoolwork with time to spare, went on a date, and even found some time to play with my friends. Nothing energizes me like a morning workout. Everyday this week I've been a faithful customer to the Huff before 9 AM, even waking at 7 AM on my 8:30 class days. For those of you that know me, this is truly an accomplishment. I prefer to not wake up early if I can help it, but this semester has changed my view of the wee hours. Having early classes forces me to start my day with productivity, and I feel guiltier about wasting away those idle afternoons after having made such progress before noon. Don't get me wrong, I can still nap like nobody's business, but I'm going to bed earlier (before midnight, usually!) and waking up earlier and I think I'm happier as a result. 

Sure, it's difficult to force my feet to hit the dorm floor before 7 AM when it's still dark outside to dash to the gym, but once I'm out in the early morning air I can't wait to tackle that treadmill after picking out my trashy magazine of choice. Ask me anything about the Hunger Games, the Kardashians, Reese Witherspoon's supposed pregnancy, or the Bachelor Ben's consorts and I could share more information than you ever wanted to know. People, US Weekly, and OK! are my guilty pleasures when my legs are screaming at me for setting the machine at level 13 incline (#sorryimnotsorry that I'm so hardcore). Combine that with some uplifting music (I switch between Pop Fitness and Christian Contemporary, depends on my morning) and I can't stop that smile from spreading across my face on my jog back to the dorm when the sun is just rising. I'm ready to dominate the day.

It's a very different Taylor that trudges to the gym than the one that skips back, and every day I feel like A Luckier Girl than before. 


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