If I Wasn't Me

The other day I was texting one of my friends and mentioned that I was jealous of his life and wished that I was him at that moment (he was taking a nap. one of my favorite things in the world) and he countered with, "...but I like you for being Taylor." 1, 2, 3...d'awwww. And it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes in all the world from 27 Dresses, "Why would you want to be me if you get to be you?" 

But I recently got to thinking, who would I want to be, if I wasn't me? Obviously, Jennifer Aniston is high on that list. She is one of my all-time favorite women. I love her in every single movie she stars in, but I have a secret girl crush on her as Rachel in Friends. She possesses this likable quality that I would give anything to have, her ditzy actions overshadowed by her good intentions and easy laugh. And Jen herself isn't too bad, either. I don't know her personally, unfortunately, but from what I've seen of her in the Hollywood world, she seems to stand strong and unaffected by most of the drama. She is a powerful woman, with or without a man, and that is someone that I want to be.

Sandra Bullock. Oh Sandy, how I adore you. She made her debut into my life with her film, Miss Congeniality. I was instantly hooked. I admire her for being an example for her son during her strife with her ex husband; she is picture perfect class.

Notice a trend here? I like independent women.

Mila Kunis. I don't know anything about this girl other than the fact that I doubled over with laughter when she was on That 70's Show and that if I could have a body transplant, I would choose to look like her. And that if she was down, I'd totally date her. 

Cady Groves. I would like her brain, just to see how it works. Her tweets are so random and just strange and quirky and inappropriate enough to keep me from hitting that unfollow button (she's also my idol, so that helps her out). 

Some days I would trade my life in a heartbeat, but most days I'm content with being Taylor Arceneaux, A Very Lucky Girl.


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