The Closet Cleanse (I really have a thing for alliteration)

I'm almost 20. My closet looks like the closet of a 14 year old. Well, at least, it did. I remedied that situation this past weekend while I was home for Spring Break.

Jean skirts galore. I'm so ashamed. 3 of them. I'm not sure which is worse, the long Amish one or the two mini ones. But to complete the ensemble I found a cropped jean jacket buried in the back. Spandexy jean material. I have spent the entire semester judging the GDI ginger in my English class for wearing a jean jacket nearly every day (I was informed he has upped the standard to Hawaiian shirts now because of the weather change) when I had one hidden in my closet. It would be a double standard, except I have the good sense not to wear it! 

I often complain about not being recognized as an adult. The TSA agent at the airport looked at me skeptically when I had the audacity to claim the ability to travel alone, certain that I had forged my license proving otherwise (let's be real here, I would have at least given myself 21 years if that was the case. 18 doesn't mean anything!). However, I did not used to dress in a way that increased my years. Countless polka dots danced at me from the kid hangers that I STILL use (they are actually really useful for hanging pants), in my typical shades of blues, greens, and browns. Paired with the trademark perky ponytail of my high school years, I shouldn't be surprised that people always assumed I was younger.

Oh dear God, I found a jean wallet. Why did this fad exist?! Or was it just in my head?? I wish robes were still cool. Mine is so fluffy and comfy. Decision made: I'm bringing those back. Summer 2012 isn't ready for this. 

Thankfully, I spent plenty of money in New York on clothes to replace the three bags of garments that I gifted to Goodwill. Otherwise I'd be a naked Very Lucky Girl. And now someone, somewhere, can have a jean party based on the clothes from my closet alone. Bonus!


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