Reinstating the Rule

Remember that mantra plastered on schoolrooms across the country and chanted in Sunday schools everywhere? 
"Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You"

Well, lately my golden rule has become a little rusty. Does gold rust? Maybe tarnished is a better term. Either way, it's not dazzling and pure anymore. Instead I've reinvented the rule to suit my terms. I prefer treating people anyway that I like, but still expecting respect in return.

That's silly. 

The hardest part of the rule is doing unto others when they mistreat me. Every fiber in my being wants to retaliate in a sure way that would hurt them, but that build of bitterness is only detrimental to me, furthering the instigator's cause. 

I need to slow down and respond with love, whether it be to a cranky customer at Jamba Juice, the brother hogging the TV when Pretty Little Liars comes on in exactly 3 minutes!, or to the insensitive friend, never dreaming how much their words sting. 

It's time for me to varnish that Golden Rule, til it really sparkles, so that the people in my life feel built up by this Very Lucky Girl.


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