Selfies. Selfies EVERYWHERE.

judge away. Circa 11th grade
Consider this an intervention.
Trust me, I've had my fair share of selfies.

But then I graduated high school.
high school shopping swag

These are some hard and fast rules of those pesky self-absorbed images:

1. Try to have another person in it.

  • I have zero judgement for the visible arm holding out the photography device if there are two faces in the frame. Sometimes you just don't have a third person to take that perfect picture. We forgive you.

2. If a partner is unavailable then at least use a webcam and NOT a mirror.

  • Myspace-esque photography ended at the same time as That's So Raven. And no one cares to see your current brand of toothpaste reclining on your bathroom counter. 

3. Keep ALL clothes ON. 

  • I cringe when I see those horrifyingly low slung shorts as people boast in their gym time. I'm proud of the mornings I spend running as well, but I'm not trying to plaster it across Facebook. Save it for a Spring Break photo op with all of your friends and the beach in the background. There's a profile picture to be proud of. 

4. Don't model for the camera. 

  • Sometimes a selfie is just unavoidable. Like when you get the new James Harden "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" tshirt and have to show everyone how insanely awesome it is. But that is no excuse for making some sort of dreamy, faraway-look face. Distort your expression to take some of the shame of the selfie away.
A Very Lucky Girl leaves you with some final advice for your selfie-free future: never underestimate the power of a perfectly self-timed picture. 
Things to do in Beaumont on a Friday night: take pictures in the mall parking lot


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