Friends Worth Having

I'm not into shallow relationships.

I've always been the kind of girl that has two or three close friends at a time. It's exclusive, there are tryouts and everything for this valued position! 

I can count on one hand, mayyyybe two, the people that are always there for me. And the people I wouldn't hesitate to help with anything.

For this reason I have the hardest time talking to strangers. (Which, in retrospect, was an excellent thing when I was younger. I was never in danger of getting lured by candy to the sketchy van.) But now, I'm going to have to talk to strangers for the rest of my life in order for them to stop being strangers. I envy people that can comfortably waltz up to someone they have never talked to in their life and have an enjoyable conversation. I usually stand by awkwardly in awe, watching these social butterflies work their magic, wondering when I'll emerge from that socially awkward cocoon. (did I stretch that metaphor too far? Long hair, don't care.) 

Part of the problem is that I don't mind being alone. Quality Taylor time is my favorite. It's perfect to be able to hide from the expectations that societal situations have of me by simply avoiding company. But then I'd be on the road to becoming this lady... Something tells me she doesn't have a lot of friends. Which could explain why she is on eHarmony. (Public Announcement: If I ever mention signing up for anything as ridiculous as online dating, please stage an intervention. Immediately.) 

Here's to hoping that I remedy my social awkwardness before I become a hermit cat lady,
A Very Lucky Girl


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