It Makes People Wonder What You're Up To

"There was nothing wrong with her face that a pleasant expression wouldn't help."--Good Country People
The above quote was written by Flannery O'Conner. I've been submerged in her twisted stories throughout the course of my Critical Reading and Writing class.  It stuck out so much to me that I felt a compulsory need to jot it down. Ms. O'Conner writes a lot about social status and dispositions. So her comment was not out of character, but it has a complete knell of truth. Smiling makes everyone pretty. Smiling creates an illusion of happiness, no matter how much a life is falling apart. I've been trying this new thing where I smile at the people I have to dig deep down and grit my teeth to care about. For a few reasons: One, you don't look good without smiling unless you are going for the sultry look and I am not interested in seducing these people. Two, smiling makes people think that your life is on the perfect side of awesome. You could be having the crappiest day of your life, but if you see your ex and smile and laugh with your friends, he will be kicking himself for breaking up with you, certain that you are ten thousand times happier without him (which, you are by the way).


Taylor Swift always says it best. 

So on the hard days, I tie up my smile to remind myself, and the rest of the world, that I'm A Very Lucky Girl.


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