Kony 2012

If you haven't heard by now..there is a Kony Kraze sweeping the world (and no, it's not the coney hot dog). And if you haven't heard then you are living under rock, but it's time to scoot the boulder over, blink a few times at the sky, adjust, and watch this.

Kony 2012

Is your pathos vibe shot to pieces? Are you searching for your wallet now? Wait. I want you to take a look at the ethos side of the situation. 


That article has nearly every piece of criticism handily wrapped up into one page. Among the information, what strikes me is the unfortunate use of the money given to Invisible Children. I don't have a problem with the purpose of the organization at all, but when only a bare percentage is being directed towards the causes that they are marketing (which involves spending money that is DONATED) I get irked. 

I also disagree with their current mission to "make Kony famous." That's all well and good but I think there is a better way to do it than to make a catchphrase of "Kony 2012." A name followed by a year always indicates someone running for election in our culture. Forgive me, but Kony 2012 only conjures images of Kony in the White House. No, thanks.

And the number one problem I have with the whole idea is the arrogance of America. Where do we get off thinking that we have the solutions to all the other social problems in the world? We can barely keep ourselves together; kids are starving in America, kids are getting raped in America, kids are homeless in America. Where's their viral YouTube video? America insisting on inserting themselves into the problems in Africa is parallel to Africa insisting that they know how to fix our economy. We don't know the firsthand state of each others problems. We don't have the same social awareness. 

I suggest that America focus on the problems at home before we act on our save the world complex. 


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