Sunshine and Self-Esteem

Got my skin cancer on today. 2 solid hours of soaking up those gloriously delicious rays. I wish I could say I was really productive during my time outside, but instead I stared up at this gorgeous sky, speechless.

Clear blue and cloudless-which is why I am sporting some truly sexy burn lines right now. Roasted cleavage? Check. Nike shorts line? Got 'em. 

But I don't regret a minute of my sunshine soaked afternoon because I got some quality thinking time in.

Scrolling through Tumblr the other day I stumbled upon a really depressing statement, "People think that they are 10 times more attractive than they actually are."

Yikes. I'm certainly not saying that I am under the impression that I'm America's Next Top Model (maybe runner-up? JOKE), but neither do I think I need to be the star of Extreme Makeover: Plastic Surgery Edition. Paul gave me some pretty sweet green eyes (did you know that only 2% of the world's population has these olivine colored eyes? (olivine-geology word. extra credit points?)) and one of them has a brown dot in it. #unique. Shari gave me a dimple (or butt-chin for the less classy). Addison's disease gifted me with a slowly fading tan that I'm scrambling to get back. Working out is providing me with the body that I want (it's a process, but I can be patient). And thousands of dollars of dental work later (hmm, wonder where my retainer is...) I can cheese with the best of them in a picture. 

I'm happy with how I look, even if my vision in the mirror is 10x distorted.

I can thank the Arceneaux genes for an appearance that doesn't repel. Whew, I'm A Very Lucky Girl.


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