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The #1 depressing thing in my life right now? Oakes (my brother) doesn't follow me (@mymylilADPi) on Twitter. When I first signed up for my wings he followed me and then a few days later informed me that he had revoked that privilege because I was "bad at twitter." Excuse me? Please tell me how that works, ginger. 

And so here it is, 8 or 9 months later, and @_Scal still hasn't blessed me with a follow. I think I'm going to ask him for that for my birthday, it's right up his alley: cheap. 

I'd consider myself an average tweeter, in terms of quantity (You already know that I don't skimp on the quality coming from my tweets). I never tweet more than 10 times a day, and it's usually somewhere between 3 or 4 snippets of sass. Whereas my timeline is trampled with tidbits of information from the same people, usually about mundane moments OR (this is when I grab my candy du jour and settle in for several minutes of scrolling) crazy drama. It amazes me how much emotion can be packed into the 140 character limit, and how much personal information people are comfortable with sharing. 

For example? 

"truth is I never got over you. truth is I shoulda never let you go. when it's all said and done I'm still in love with you." Are you? Are you really? Did you want all 413 of your followers to know that? APPARENTLY.

"I could do without a lot of people in my life" Well let me help you out here sweetheart, I'll just smack that unfollow button (I now have "smack that" stuck in my head)

"don't stress em. and pretend you never met em." I'm ashamed to say I kind of like this and find it incredibly catchy...

And my personal favorites have some sketchy words that are not Lent appropriate so I'll refrain from sharing. 

Something else that makes me giggle: seeing Kim Kardashian's tweet about "on my way to the dentist, tweeps!" being retweeted 50+ times. you are ALL on your way to the dentist? The world is about to be inundated with some squeaky clean teeth. 

There are some real people with real power on Twitter. They have millions of followers, they have millions of influence. But instead of wielding that power for the benefit of society, they whine about the inconvenience of the switch between blackberry to iPhone or to spell out some sappy lyrics (don't get me wrong, I can get down with some Tswifty, but in between I'd love to read about the causes you deem important). Friends of mine have upwards of 100s of followers, but they continue to tweet about how obnoxious it is that there is a girl laying out on the Honor's College lawn (that was me, by the way. Thanks for broadcasting it, @OUProblems. #sorryimnotsorry that you're jealous that I'm tan and you are captain of the ghost society)! 

Thus concludes my rant on the perils and privileges of Twitter. Maybe Oakes will see this and grant me a follow? But even if he doesn't, you shouldn't follow his example (pun intended), but instead follow this Very Lucky Girl. 


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