The infamous Miss Johnson
I had quite a tumultuous education growing up. I started Kindergarden at New Hope Academy and completed third grade with the wonderful teaching of Mrs. Utley, Mrs. Fontenot, Miss Johnson, and Mrs. Peabody. I couldn't ask for a better beginning of school. From there I attended fourth grade through ninth grade at St. David's School. I learned Latin from the legendary Mr. Davis and labeled the African countries in Ms. Newsome's class. Mrs. Crutchley aided my seventh grade heart and placed me next to my crush in her assigned seating chart. Mrs. Purvis instilled basic grammar rules into my fifth grade brain and Mrs. Durham endured my crying fits in math class. LETTERS DON'T BELONG IN MATH. It's a disgrace to the alphabet. Sophomore and junior year were spent at Legacy Christian Academy in the presence of educators like Mrs. Maxey and Mrs. Brunson. I learned extensive amounts of European history and American Government from Dr. Hamel and Dr. Powell during my senior year at Heritage Hall. 
Mrs. Earney looking snazzy at Prom

It's no secret that English/Reading classes have always been my favorite. So consequently, those teachers have made the greatest impact on my life. I don't know yet that I'm inspired to follow their footsteps, but Mrs. Helms and Mrs. Earney certainly enhanced my writing abilities. Reading has always come naturally to this voracious bookworm. I was lucky enough to get Mrs. Helms' teaching THREE years in a row at St. David's School. And no, not because I failed her classes. She ended up moving with my grade three times, but each year was a different focus. I had Mrs. Earney for AP Literature at Legacy and was forced to read such things like Becket, Collins poetry, and Hamlet, but looking back at some old papers from that class shows me that she required excellence and honed a drive to find the perfect combination of words. 

I wonder what it's like for these educators to know they've influenced a little girl, and other young adults, so strongly. I hope at some point in my life I can positively impact another Very Lucky Girl to even half an extent. 


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