Let me introduce you to my sister, Moriah Jo Cregor. She is my main gurl. My ride or die. The Anne to my Diana. The rat to my weasel. The sane to my crazy. My junior year prom date (I don't take just ANYBODY to dances). My maid of honor if I ever get hitched (we signed contracts in blood. Okay, red pen). A model snapchatter. A model, in general. A senior year nursing student who undertook the topic of Addison's Disease for her final paper.
We've been best friends for 6 years. But it never feels that short. 
I told you she was a model! Dillard's prom dress shows are the best runways around in Beaumont, TX.
Remember that time we got haircuts at the Galleria during our trip to Houston for our Sweet 16?

Remember that time we color coordinated for the Valentine's Dance?

Remember those times we showered together after pool adventures?

Remember that time Numero Ocho was GREAT at softball?

Remember that time we spent break time being silly in Mrs. Jean's room?

Remember when I moved away? It still makes me sad. 

Remember when you were one of the most beautiful women I know, inside and out? If you don't...take a look at yourself. It's still happening. And A Very Lucky Girl is blessed by you daily. 


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