This is Conner on the night that I met him. See that grin? That's the joy of a guy who just found his future BFF (me). It was the first Tuesday night of the 2011 Fall semester at OU. My neighbor, Rachel, and I ventured to a party we heard about. We found fun guys and punch. It was basically a winning combination. Conner and I compared class schedules as we watched an intense game of King's Cup. Discovering we had Communications together on Mondays and Wednesdays, he suggested we exchange numbers. Smooth, right? Points for Cons. I was ecstatic to discover he was from Dallas, Texas and fumbled to enter his digits in my phone under "Conner Texas." He later became Conner Texas/Golden. Why change a good thing?
Despite the time that I threw a stack of post-it notes at his face (leaving a substantial mark), we have been friends ever since. He lived 2 minutes away from me during my Freshman year and we would study at the library until all hours, me listening to him drone on about cars and he enduring my stupidity with guys. 
Seriously, this kid is one of the best guys I know. He was there for me at 2 in the morning when all I could do was cry. He braved Black Friday madness at Target with me two Thanksgivings ago. He maintains a fantastic blog about his first love, cars, and encouraged me when I began to write publicly. He makes me laugh no matter what and gives some of the most comforting hugs on the planet. I could say I know way too much about him, but how is that possible in a forever friend? ILY, Conz. A Very Lucky Girl is lucky to have ya. 


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