Nanny Loving: Summer Dos: Week Un

trash can diary key
Do you remember the adventures of Brother and Sister (E and C) from last summer? (If you need a refresher, you can look back on the months of June and July from 2012 in the right side bar). 
They're back. And I'm back. And we're already sunburned. I also add two of their friends (Mc and Mk) to the mix on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after swim practice. 
They never cease to keep me laughing (at least inwardly) and I'll highlight the best of the week in a post every Friday.

Quotable Quips:
  • "Are we there yet?"-C. "Has the car stopped moving?" You may think I'm sassy for a nanny, but I like to think I'm real. 
  • "How far away are we?"-C. "Everytime the tires move we get a little bit closer!" 
  • When C was eating her lunch on Thursday (turkey and cheese on crackers), she asked, "was this cheese already sliced?" Yes, that was what was in your fridge. "Oh." She set down her bite. #diva
  • After I told the three kids in my backseat to keep their hands to themselves, I heard, "He's still touching me! He's touching the air that's touching me!"
  • "Bacon is nasty." Okay, we're not friends anymore, E. 
  • I taught them how to play M.A.S.H. and learned there are children named Honesty and Silence in their class. Parents, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! What if Silence is a chatterbox and Honesty is a compulsive liar? You're setting them up for disappointment all of their lives. 
  • "Do you believe that every freckle is a friend?" I overheard this query when E and Mk were playing together.
  • "I don't like cheese fries." Was I this close-minded when I was younger?!
Mentionable Moments:
  • I beat them all in Harry Potter Clue. It's really best this way; they can win at the important things later on in life.
  • It's always a frightening few seconds when the kids come and breathe in my face after I instruct them to brush their teeth. There's always the sinking feeling that they may have missed a spot or several. Luckily, they've been minty fresh four days in a row. 
  • I took E and C to the park on Thursday afternoon and we made up obstacle courses. Mine was called "nap time." It consisted of laying on a park bench and whoever stays there the longest wins. I'm unbeatable. 
  • I found a truly questionable packet of sugar cookie mix. The back said "better by March 2010." What's three years, REALLY?? And the phrasing..."better by"...I decided to risk it. It's worth mentioning that I didn't taste the results. 
  • C showed me a silly band and asked me what I thought it was. The answer was dragonfly. That was not my initial thought. Please form your own opinion from the picture provided and get back to me. 
  • I arrived on Thursday to a chore list for the children. They got in trouble on Wednesday night and were required to have a "work day." Note, it's really awkward to dole out punishment for a transgression that does not affect me. One of the tasks involved cleaning out the board game cabinet. C found a pair of sunglasses that probably fit her when she was 4. She's now 9 and I suggested she put them in the give-away pile. She balked and asked, "How about I keep them for my kid?!" She's a planner. 
  • Also while organizing various rooms in the house, C found her lock&key leopard print covered diary. She immediately slipped the string with the key around her neck, but later announced that she was going to change the string out. Apparently while cutting the string, the key slipped off into the trashcan. I was summoned to search the trashcan for the minute silver trinket. Egg yolk and crumb caked hands later, I was victorious.
There you have it. A Very Lucky Girl's summer with kids has begun, further solidifying my desire not to have any of my own. 


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