Divorce: An Illustration

Adult A and Adult B meet and fall in love.

Adult A and Adult B get married, commiting to join their lives together forever. They are one. 

From the union of Adult A and Adult B, Child C and Child D are born. 

Adult A, Adult B, Child C, and Child D are a family. 

Adult A decides he or she no longer wants to be married. Maybe Child C and Child D are older now, considered adults themselves in some situations. It doesn't make divorce any better or any less wrong. 

The result is a ripped family that can never be repaired.
Divorce is a permanent, selfish solution to a temporary problem.
Divorce is a decision independent from God. 
Divorce is an individual choice that affects the group.
"'I hate divorce,' says the Lord." (Malachi 2:16)
Ditto from A Very Lucky Girl. 


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