My first memory of Marianne Williams is from 4th grade. I was a new student at St. Timothy's School and she reached out to me. She shared a story about her dog, Mo, with the class. Mo recently passed away, but the story of him jumping out of a moving car window will live on.
We were nearly inseparable from then until 9th grade when I moved to Texas. From Williamsburg, to Washington, D.C., Crabtree Mall, and homecoming dances. We giggled in Mr. Bridges' class and passed notes across the room in Mr. Ennis' science lab. When I moved away she put together a DVD slideshow of pictures of us and friends through the years and I probably play it at least once a year to remember the innocence of days long gone by.
She is another friend of mine who is pursuing a career in nursing, and is admirably focused on her goal.
She's faced some health adversity of her own, causing her to switch universities midway through her college career so I definitely relate to some of her experiences.
On both of my past trips to North Carolina to visit she's shared her home with me and reminded me of why we were so close in middle school.
I'm planning another trip to Raleigh this August and A Very Lucky Girl is fervently hoping to lay eyes on this special friend.


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