I met Natasha Adler my freshman year at OU. She lived down the hall from me and we were only acquaintances during the first semester. January brought my roommate's birthday and I decided to blow up hundreds of balloons to spice up our room for her day. I enlisted Natasha's help and together we inflated almost 200 balloons, driving her to comment, "All I can taste is latex and it smells like condoms in here!" 
From there our friendship blossomed and she was unquestionably there with wine and John Tucker Must Die when ED crushed me in February 2012. 
I went sprinting down the hall to her room when I received the first email from Tyler. Being my least embarrassed friend, she had no qualms about shouting across the French class room asking him for a pencil the very next week. Luckily, he didn't scare easy or I would have had to kill her. 
Our schedules sophomore year were always at odds which made spending lots of time together nearly impossible. She also had cats at her apartment who always threatened to make me sneeze my face off whenever I did visit. Fortunately, we had French class together 3 semesters in a row. That is, whenever she decided to attend class... (remember the semester with 17 absences? Alina adored you).
Natasha is supportive of me and those around her, often striving to make us feel better with her wildly inappropriate, but utterly fantastic, sense of humor.
She deserves happiness and I'm positive she's found some in her boyfriend, Simon. Quit gallivanting with him in Europe and come home to A Very Lucky Girl soon! I love you, Regina George. I'll try to stop trying to make fetch happen.  


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