Blanche is Paul's sister so that makes her my aunt. I've called her Aunt Blanche up until May 23 of this year when she cornered me at Oakes' graduation dinner of take out Chinese and claimed she had a bone to pick with me. Since I refer to my dad as Paul and my mom as Sharbear, usually just in the blog, she insisted I drop the "Aunt" from her name. I acquiesced to her request. 
This lady has supported me since I was born, and my middle name, Olivia, matched hers. Blanche has always treated me with respect, almost as a miniature adult (even when I used to not act like one). I admire her for that sort of interaction with me. I envy her for her perfectly arranged closet and outfit coordinations in a neat little notebook. She's successful, driven, and independent.

Her minimalist approach to decorating has created a beautiful home in Baton Rouge with her husband. Snapshots of her house could be featured on Pinterest pins on people's "home sweet home" boards. I don't see her as much as I would like, but having Blanche in my life since day 1 has enriched the life of A Very Lucky Girl. 


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