Susan and Savannah

It's so weird to me that these girls are college graduates and are going to start real adult life this summer.
Savannah was my RA during my first year at OU. But, that was just the surface relationship. In reality, we were (are? she rarely returns my texts...) friends. I remember when I first realized we would get along. She friend-requested her residents on Facebook a few weeks before the semester started. I was laying on the floor watching The Bachelorette when I got the notification. I sat straight up and had a minor panic attack and inner battle of "should I accept it? Yes/no?" I decided to go for it, since I could always delete her if she turned out to be supes strange (she is supes strange, but we remain FB friends). I creepily scrolled down her profile page (this was before timelines!) and came across a recent status: "Just sitting here making name tags for resident doors and watching Ashley Hebert on the Bachelorette." Instant soul connection, even if she didnt' know it yet.
We bonded over boys (as in: we hated them) and she helped me realize my worth during spring semester 2012 more than she'll ever know. She is going to be working for Teach For America in Jacksonville, Florida and I have no doubt Miss Fraid will be well-loved.

I wouldn't have known Susan without Savannah so that's why they blend so well in this post. I met Susan when she started joining us for Bachelor watching fests to see Courtney work her wily magic on Ben the wine-maker. I think I'm at my real-est when I watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette so there was never any pretension when I interacted with Susan. She left for Spain just as we were finding our outside-of-Savannah friendship wings, but we have soared quite nicely since then, especially since she has been home in Edmond recently, prepping to leave for MALAWI in two weeks. WOW-WEE MALAWI amiright? She's going to be serving in the Peace Corps with the wonderful servant heart that she possesses. I can't wait to be snail mail pals.  

Future seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette will not be the same for A Very Lucky Girl without the company of these lovely ladies. Thanks for paving the grown-up way for me...I'll join your ranks when I'm good and ready!


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