I am so thrilled to be roadtripping to North Carolina in August. Not only will I get to stop in Nashville and see childhood friends, but I also will be spending time in Wilmington with one of the most incredible women I know, Emily Bell. I will also dine on Bojangles, but that's another daydream.
I met Emily at BayLeaf Baptist Church when we were both a part of the youth group. I don't remember why, but we didn't exactly immediately hit it off. For whatever reason, we weren't best friends right from the start, but Canada changed everything.
BayLeaf Baptist sent a team of members to Port Elgin, Canada and my family joined them from Texas after our move. Emily and I shared a bed that barely fit in our tiny room. We took turns making free calls to our American crushes from the outdated phone in the stairwell. 
The first trip to Canadian turf rekindled our rather dim relationship and by our second trip to Canada, we were inseparable. 
So much so in fact, that I felt entirely comfortable playing a practical joke on her during our final night. I couldn't sleep so I left the peacefully slumbering Emily and went down the hall to chat with the insomnia-inflicted boys' room. They had a plethora of lunch meat that was going to go to waste after our departure, so the only logical solution was to fling it on stuff/people. Ryan sent turkey flying into the room where Zack tried to sleep. Next thing we knew, the chunk of meat came flying back at us. The roof of the neighboring hotel became our next target and we adorned the shingles with an array of deli meats. From there, Ryan and I formed a plan to rudely awaken poor Emily. We crept into the room, and with the lights still off, began to fling the meat helter-skelter all over the bed. She woke up and sleepily questioned, "Taylor? What are you DOING?" Oops. Please still love me, Emily?
Thankfully, she did. And does. 
Because she is a woman of grace. Of strength. And of making hard decisions. She is the kind of person I want to be. A true Proverbs 31 kind of girl. I'm hoping the time I spend with her in August will be enough for her goodness to rub off on A Very Lucky Girl. 


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