Nanny Loving: Summer Dos: Week Deux

God, I'm so bilingual.
Another week, another check. And I haven't had to work past 4 PM yet this summer. So far, so good.
This week I:
  • corrected grammar: "She jamped!" No, she JUMPED. 
  • made breakfast: chocolate pancakes. They asked for extra chocolate chips AND syrup. AM I mean for refusing?
  • sat stonily when they tried to tickle me
  • overused the word/sound "shmeh" to the point where they have begun to mimic me
  • avoided Sister's cuddles at all costs. She is always wanting to hang on me in the heat of the day. CHILD, IT'S FAR TOO HOT FOR THAT.
  • Learned that Pluto is officially no longer a planet
  • Learned a continent named Oceania exists
  • was stumped when asked, "how many movies have you seen in your life?"
Overall, a pretty uneventful week in the life of A Very Lucky Nanny. Except for when I impaled my shin on rocks by the creek after our picnic lunch on Wednesday.


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