Mimi (and Grandpa Butch)

I never met my maternal grandfather. He died soon before my parents were engaged. So I can't speak for his awesomeness, but his wife, Mimi Montgomery, is pretty cool. And so was her second husband, Grandpa Butch. 
I am her first grandchild, which really doesn't get me any special favors. The title is about it. But I guess it does mean I've had her in my life for about 6 months longer than her other grandchildren. 
I've been shipped off to her house several times growing up when the parents would skip town. We'd go on adventures to Fossil Rim, the beach/pool phenomenon, and more recently, infamous North Park Mall in Dallas. 
For graduation, my cousin Katherine and I traveled to New York City with her, Shari, and Aunt Michele. I had undiagnosed Addison's Disease at the time, but from the snippets I remember and the pictures, I think we had a good time. 
She's been almost perfect in my eyes for 20ish years, but no longer. 
We've been close in the past, but she's a strong voice in her daughter's ear so I obviously don't see eye to eye with her anymore. 
I was looking forward to seeing her and others at a family reunion this July, but I'm opting out. I'm not going to participate in support of wrong decisions. 
A Very Lucky Girl isn't into pretenses or people who don't believe in change. 


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