ADPi Sistahs

First. Finest. Forever.
I cannot count how many times I've been asked "are you in a sorority?" since continuing school at OU instead of TCU.
Yes. But it's complicated. 
I went through rush during my freshman fall semester at TCU. I wore the dresses, pulled at my strapless bra, and sweated through my perfume as we rushees waited to file into each house. I sipped the cucumber water and discreetly licked the sugar rim from the glass on the fancy lemonade day. I spilled my drink TWICE at the same house. They didn't ask me back after the second accident. I don't blame them. 
On Pref night I had two houses left: Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Delta Pi. Both had beautiful pref night ceremonies, but I felt most at home in Alpha Delta Pi. They presented each girl with a giant fake diamond that represented something about her the chapter valued. I don't remember a whole lot about my TCU semester, but I remember my trait being "independence." The fact that these girls had only talked to me for a few days and had noticed something that I value about myself resonated and I confidently placed ADPi at the top of my list. I received a bid card to join the Gamma Chi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi the following day. 
I was a faithful Alpha member of the chapter, learning all I needed to in order to be initiated and enter the Delta phase of membership. I spent time with my big, Ashleigh, and attended chapter meetings. Initiation came (obviously top secret) and then I sunk even deeper into my Addison's Disease induced issues.
I slept through Chapter meetings, forgetting to pick up my all-important pin. I was part of Alpha Delta Pi in name only and I forever regret it. If OU had a chapter I would transfer my membership in a heartbeat and try to make it up to new sisters. 
Luckily, my froggie sisters are some of the most understanding around. As far as I can tell there haven't been any hard feelings and I'm grateful to feel somewhat included, even from afar. I receive a copy of The Adelphean in the mail every few months and I always immediately flip to the section about Texas schools, anxious to read about the impact the Gamma Chi chapter has been making. 
Pi love from A Very Lucky Girl to all my Alpha Delta Pi sisters. I miss you. I'm holding onto "Forever." 


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