Mimi and Didi

I've known Mimi and Didi for almost 21 years. Their house in New Orleans was one of my favorite places. They had a perfect climbing tree in the front yard and a neighbor pond just next door. I earned the name "Pond Splasher" on a fishing expedition gone wrong when I slipped into the water. I went armadillo hunting in the backyard with Didi, armed with flashlights. I watching hummingbirds at the feeder from the back patio and read the comics at the island in the kitchen. I walked along the levee by the Mississippi River and ate beignets at Cafe du Monde at least once every trip. 
My father's parents have always been insistent on teaching me about my Cajun heritage. When I was younger, I was more resistant. After all, splashing in the pool at English Turn country club was far more appealing to a grade school kid than listening or learning about history. But now, I'm far more appreciative of where I come from. I'm looking forward to visiting them in a week and touring a plantation. They always want the best for me and recognize the efforts I put into achieving what I set out to do. A Very Lucky Girl can't ask for anything more from such generous grandparents.


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