Megan & Hannah

casual laughter on the floor
Cuz we're the three best friends that anyone could have! Yep, it's time. The post about my two best betches, Megan Hunter and Hannah Whorton. I met Hannah during my senior year at Heritage Hall. We bonded over bugs on the wilderness trip. I met Megan during my stint at Jamba Juice. We bonded over strawberry surfriders and Prince Hot Ginge Harry. Introducing two of my best friends and expecting the relationship to be magic is risky. All sorts of things could go wrong. What if the chemistry isn't there? What if they are complete opposites? What if they've already secretely hated each other just from seeing Facebook posts? 
But this relationship...It blossomed from the beginning. Maybe it was the alphabet game, maybe it was the midnight trips to Ihop, or maybe it's because these two were meant to be friends even if I didn't exist. 
But I'm glad I do so I can share life with them. Usually just summer life since Hannah likes to gallivant across the world and leave us in Oklahoma on the reg. It's fine. This is the third summer we've all been adventuring together, and I'm sure it's going to the best yet. Hannah arrives at 7 PM on Friday night and A Very Lucky Girl and the gang will be unstoppable. Starting with my 21st birthday, one week from today. I'm convinced I was born to be 21. 

my favorite goofs
I can't handle all of the personality in this picture
Friends clap with friends. That's what keeps friends close.--A
Remember when you were both ginge?
Their eyes feel the same way about Magnolia cupcakes
NYC with your bests is a bucket list activity. CHECK


  1. What's the highest number you can count to? Multiply that number by 263949173, and that's how much I love and am grateful for our friendship <3

    ...actually you hate math, so let's just say I love you times a billion jillion katrillion :)

  2. Taylor, I'm so grateful that you introduced Hannah and I. I love you so much and this blog post is perrrrrrfection. Probably my favorite you've ever written, but I could be a little biased. ;]
    I'm excited to see what summer has in store for all of us together. Let's get the gang back together!
    Also, ONE. WEEK. #idontthinkyoureready! #aretherehashtagsonhereyet?


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