What's in a Title?

I was very intrigued when I looked over the blog statistics the other day, especially by the top ten most viewed posts.
  1. Bachelorette Recap: Premiere
  2. The Sleeping Dragon
  3. What's Black and White?
  4. Half a Year
  5. "Uhhh...Could You Spell That?"
  6. Life Curves
  7. Wait...I Said What!?
  8. Brother's Getting Old
  9. Pisses. Me. Off
  10. 5 and Counting
What makes those subjects most appealing? Moriah informed me over my visit last weekend that she only reads the ones that have interesting titles. Well, then. Tyler has a possible theory, since two of the most popular posts include him and tidbits from our relationship, that humanity is innately curious about matters involving the heart. The more personal a post is, the more attention it receives. But then that still leaves the Bachelorette Recap sitting in the cold. Because that one is certainly more sarcastic than sappy. When I share the posts on social media, I hashtag the life outta 'em. #Bachelornation is clearly alive and well on Twitter.  

There's a few exciting new things in store for this writing adventure of mine; one including a guest post by Tyler. He's adamant about sharing a retaliation post in response to Half a Year to make sure the Internets know as much about me as they do him. Also, if there is any subject you'd like me to write about, any opinion of mine you want to know further, don't hesitate to contact A Very Lucky Girl.

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