Life Curves

Sharbear asked me a hard question the other night. I had just finished holding a two hour review session for my Gateway kids. Two hours that absolutely sped by, I had so much fun with them! I answered their questions about the study guide with some help from the book (but seriously, I probably could have aced this test with minimal outside studying) and created a jeopardy review game to further insure knowledge that would STICK. 

The best part was the last 30 minutes or so. I had promised to stay from 7-9 so I didn't feel right about leaving early, just in case someone else showed up. Two students hung around with me, talking about everything from home to dirty roommates. I was so honored that they would sacrifice some of their own free time to continue keeping their TA company. 

Anyway, back to the tricky Sharbear question. I spoke to her on the way home (almost cementing my demise: cause of death? by bicyclist) and apparently something in my voice when I recounted the evening prompted her to question my feelings towards teaching. 

We've gone over this before in my house. After all, I was Miss Johnson in my little school in the attic for countless years. I do not have a solid idea of what I want to make my future career. But I am dead set against getting a degree in education. English Literature is the recipe for success for a A Very Lucky Girl. 


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