My Wandering Heart

I'm well into the second step of preparing to study abroad, which in my case is saving, saving, saving.

I met with a study abroad advisor a few weeks ago to discuss destination options and we came up with three different ideas.

Reading, England. Dundee, Scotland. Hertfordshire, England. I'm already in love with the idea and opportunities that Dundee has to offer. I still need to wade through the process of selecting which courses I could take that would match what OU offers for my major. The worst case scenario would be to come back from a life-changing journey, only to discover that my credits won't transfer. I am determined to graduate in 4 years, after all. 

That is one daunting sheet of financial math. And unfortunately, I did all of my math right for once. So I have a question for all of those that have traveled and studied abroad. Is this an accurate assessment of cost? What would cut back on expenditures? Obviously, keeping outside travel to a minimum would significantly reduce spending, but it would also reduce the cultural experience. 

A Very Lucky Girl doesn't doubt that it's worth every penny. 


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