Election Day

The lyrics I relate to the most from Norah Jones' inspired political song, is "And I don't know who I can trust." Election years bring out the scum in a candidate's background, and Twitter and Facebook are crowded with updates, making sure that I can't miss the (reputable?) news reports. November 2012 provides two choices for America: current President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney. 

I'm going to spare you any poetic political waxing, because I honestly don't know enough about politics to sway any opinions. That's why I'm not on the ballot (among other reasons, I suppose).  

The most accurate description I've seen about the election came in an email from Paul. He forwarded a twitter update that he scrolled by on his timeline from the ever-popular account @shitmydadsays:  
Justin's dad has a point, and it's one of my favorite personal spins on the election so far this year. I've seen countless status updates discouraging Romney and dissing Obama, often resulting in 107 more comments as friends of friends of friends defend their candidate. 

Listen, your opinions on the facts aren't going to change anyone's views. I promise that no one will scan their timeline and make an informed voting decision based on the YouTube videos, smartass jabs, or misspelled political rants that you've posted. 

Don't get me wrong, you have the right to post that opinion! That's the beauty of America and the beauty of this election; no candidate is trying to take our right to an Internet presence away. But don't take it personally when your vocalized, political, 140-character blurbs spark controversy among your Twitter followers. 

A Very Lucky Girl is voting for whomever promises to save her bacon. 


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