Pisses. Me. Off.

Real quick, I have SUCH a bone to pick with some members of the male population. One of my dearest friends in the world got screwed over recently. Stereotypical story.

Girl meets boy. Boy gets girl's number. Boy and girl spend the majority of the next few weekends together. Girl starts falling for him because, who wouldn't? When is he attentive, he is perfect. When he kisses her, she sees them together, at least for a while. But then, boy fools around on the side. Girl confronts him, just wanting answers, only wanting the games to stop. And boy doesn't have a response of any kind.

Real classy. Real cute. What a gentleman. 

And now girl is understandably hurt. But her anger is so misplaced. She called me, ranting at herself, wishing she'd have been smarter with her time and investment. I told her over and over again, "this is NOT your fault", but she only countered with "I should have known better, I mean, they all do that."

No. Just because the majority of guys fail females does NOT make it okay. Just because the norm of today is casual relationships does not not give you a free pass to break a heart. It is a never ending cycle because we let it be. Because we keep letting guys mess with us, they keep doing it. I want to challenge all the wonderful women out there to quit taking responsibility for the unacceptable actions of such guys. The only thing we are at fault for in this scenario is being too gracious. But there's only so much grace to go around when guys take advantage of our second, third, and even fourth chances. 

Guys, you are losing our trust. Are you okay with that? Because it's pissing off A Very Lucky Girl. 


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