Smart Shopper

I wandered the aisles of Barnes and Noble the other night with Megan Goebel, searching for a book for her to take on her Thanksgiving trek to Kansas. We both walked out empty-handed, but I had an arsenal of photographs on the camera roll in my phone. 

I immediately logged into Amazon (yeah they remember me, what's the problem?) as soon as I arrived back at my dorm and searched for the used/reduced priced version of 5 different titles. Bought them all. For the low, low price of $48.40. Damn shipping gets me every time. But I'd rather pay approximately $10 a book than the atrocious $15.99 that B&N was offering. And there's not a single fiction book among my selection! Will wonders never cease...

My mailbox should soon be stuffed with words from Ellen Degeneres, Mindy Kaling, and others. A Very Lucky Girl plans to lurk the post office faithfully until her orders arrive.


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