5 And Counting

Approximately 5 months ago Tyler asked me on what I consider our first official date. We had hung out prior to this evening, but this is the first time that he took me anywhere. He texted me on Thursday, May 3, "Victoria's tonight? :)" Before you ream him for texting an invitation, don't. I found it perfectly acceptable, especially with the smiley face addendum.

It took me less than 3 seconds to say yes and I spent the rest of the afternoon finalizing an outfit, traipsing up and down the hall to Natasha's room to get feedback and snapping countless mirror pics to garner Sharbear's opinion. I bet he doesn't remember this, but I wore white jeans, a navy tank top with flower embellishments, and navy sandals speckled with multicolored flowers.

He picked me up in his too-hot-to-handle Honda Civic and took me to dinner at Victoria's, an Italian place on Campus Corner. We sat at a little two-person table to the right of the door and I tried to cross my legs in a ladylike manner without accidentally playing footsies. Too soon. Our waitress came to take our drink order and Tyler mentioned that he recognized her from a previous sale he had made at Best Buy. She remembered him as well (I mean, who wouldn't? He's a memorable guy) and their connection earned us a free appetizer. We devoured our respective meals with relish and prepared to leave to make the showing of "The 5 Year Engagement" at The Warren Theater. Our waitress walked over and said goodbye, telling Tyler that it was nice to see him again. She then looked at me and Tyler made the necessary introduction, "This is Taylor." Without missing a beat, she asked, "Girlfriend?"

Uhhhhhh. Commence furious blushing and napkin fidgeting on my part while I waited for Tyler to say something, ANYTHING. Somehow, he stayed calm, cool, and collected, and smoothly answered, "we're dating."*** Okay, that much was true. We were on a date, after all. I could not believe that the waitress had assumed. That is one of my cardinal rules of waitressing, NEVER assume that people are together and definitely NEVER ask.

I'm fairly certain that my cheeks remained bright fuchsia well on our way to Moore to see the movie. I ducked into the bathroom at my first opportunity and called Megan to tell her about the awkward experience. She was as appalled as I, but gave kudos to Tyler for his fair answer. 

Neither Tyler nor I mentioned the incident until several weeks into our relationship, but we both saw the humor in it then and still laugh about it now. And for the past few months I've been able to answer confidently that yes, I am his girlfriend (I know, my blog name has never been truer!). A Very Lucky Girl is 5 months and change into the best relationship of her life. 

***I let Tyler preview this post before publishing and he swears that he said, "I'm workin' on it." I don't remember that part, but I'll let the reader decide what you believe went down. 


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