Shame On Me

I was doing laundry the other day and effectively procrastinating reading Chapter Six for Social Problems when I happened to notice the top 10 most played songs on my iTunes.
I commenced furious blushing. WHY must Apple record every single play of my songs? Some of them I am proud of, letsbehonest. But Grove St. Party? Really? And TWO explicitly labeled hits? So THAT'S where the need for a swear jar comes in...

    Gavin DeGraw's "Not Over You." I wish I could say I played this 1,740 times because I really liked the musical quality. But no. I was a sucker for the lyrics last January when all boys were stupid.
    Taylor Swift's "Ours." "Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine" are words for any and every occasion so I am only mildly ashamed of the 1,734 plays. It's a bit excessive.
    Waka Flocka's "Grove St. Party." There are no words.
    Cady Groves' "Ugly." It could be argued that 1,352 times is too much of a good thing. Maybe.
    Taylor Swift's "If This Was Movie." I didn't even know I liked this song that much. Let alone enough to play it 510 times. Maybe it alternated with Gavin DeGraw last January.
    Wiz Khalifa's "No Sleep." I know all of the words. "Last night I let the party get the best of me, wakin' up in the mornin' two ho---" You know what? I'll let you just believe it without proof.
    Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Good Time." 262 times it was a good time everytime. You know what? I'm feeling time 263...
    Cady Groves' "Love Actually." I clearly have a thing for girly, poppy music. And rap. So that's diverse.
    The Ready Set's "Love Like Woe." I saw them in Tulsa last November, along with 186 twelve year olds. It's fine, no judgement.
    Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." So this would be the third Taylor Swift song in my top ten most played? TRUE FAN RIGHT HURRR. And I think most of these plays were all in a row on dorm move-in day.

    Now that I've successfully checked my pride at the door and opened my iTunes for your perusal, I'm gonna go get Celine Dion some more action. A Very Lucky Girl has been repeating this for the past week.


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