What's Black and White?

To answer the question posed in the title: My viewpoint on life. You either succeed or fail. You smoke or you don't. You cheat or you choose integrity.

I had an interview to have a chance to become a part of Integrity Council for OU's campus a few days ago. I belonged to something similar in high school at St. David's and I loved it. Being a writer, I take plagiarism very seriously and it bothers me when people don't take the time to do their own work. As cliche as it sounds, these lazy beings ultimately cheat themselves out of an education. 

All this to say, I think I blew the interview. On my application I made it clear that I perceive the world in black and white and they questioned me about this, saying that some situations that came to the council were a more grey and asked how I could contribute to those with my harsh view. I think my answer was wrong; I proclaimed that I would see the situation in right or wrong first, and then try to incorporate the extenuating circumstances, if they had valid existence. I received some pursed lips in response. Oops. At least I know I was honest. 

The panel (VERY intimidating way to be interviewed, by the way) asked me how Integrity Council should approach cases with international students at the center. Personally, I don't see the difference. They chose to attend a University with this policy, they are as aware of the handbook as any other native citizen student, and integrity isn't an University of Oklahoma privilege; it's a worldwide quality. The nuances of character don't change based on nationality.

The final question? How would you be biased if one of your close friends was called up by Integrity Council? Truthfully, I would be so disappointed (take note, friends). But I would judge the case like any other; they committed the error and should be held accountable for their actions, despite what our relationship may be. Consequences are inevitable regardless of how many sleepovers we've had or how many times I've held your hair while you puked up the entire contents of your stomach in that frat house toilet. 

If I get this position, I plan to be a harshly unbiased Very Lucky Girl. 


  1. If things like choosing whether or not to smoke are so black and white, what about choosing whether or not to... Drink illegally? Get completely plastered? Sleep around? What about the intense narcissism required to make a blog like this, writing about your naive opinions and pointless anecdotes with diction that seems more suited to be typed out in Curlz MT? This blog is an embarrassment.

    1. Thanks commenter12321 for the input! I make black and white choices about all of what you mentioned above, accept the consequences, and learn from them. If you aren't a fan of my blog you are more than welcome to refrain from reading.


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