Working Girl

It's official, I am a trained employee of Fuzzy's Taco Shop.

Working brings a new, not entirely unwelcome, dynamic to my free time. That was the main purpose for my midsemester venture into the working world. I'm too good at prioritizing my school assignments...and was left with miles and miles of unscheduled hours. So why not get paid to smell tacos for a few shifts?


Fuzzy's serves alcoholic beverages so I am in the process of obtaining my liquor license and compiling all of the stories of schwastyfaced individuals into a heartwarming blog post. Stay tuned! I work in constant fear of having to clean up puke. #fingerscrossed

I've had two drunk strangers profess their love for me, one tell me "forreal doe, if you ain't married I'm comin' back to talk to ya. I'm serious", and another ask me what special skill I would bring to the table in a zombie apocalypse. 

Despite the constantly sticky hands from cleaning up queso (seriously, guys, it goes IN your mouth...) and the late, late, way-past-my-bedtime nights, A Very Lucky Girl is a constantly entertained Working Girl and I wouldn't have it any other way. Welcome to my new addiction. 


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