Boys Will Be Boys

Forever, regardless of age. Sharbear and I typically shop for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this time of year, but life is changing. So when Tyler suggested we grab Christmas Wishes from Life Church a few Sundays ago I was definitely on board. I scanned through the names and requests and landed on one-year-old Isaiah, figuring he'd be easy to shop for. 

Except then I got in the car and couldn't brainstorm a single age-appropriate toy. So I texted Sharbear, since she had a one-year-old ginger at one point in life and I figured they are pretty similar to real babies, and asked her opinion on what to get Isaiah for Christmas.

Our conversation went somewhat like this:

Me: What do one year old boys like?
Sharbear: Their mommies
Me: Okay, well...he's a foster kid best thing?
Sharbear: Things that light up and make noise. Buttons to push. Trucks. Soft things to hug.
Me: Older boys like those too....

The observation is completely true. Boys of all ages typically adore their mothers. Boys of all ages enjoy things that light up (explosions), things that make noise (cars, more explosions), buttons to push (xbox, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, gameboy, iPads....), trucks, and soft things to hug (...I feel like it's clear where I'm going with this). 

I guess the basic desires of males never really change. A Very Lucky Girl can't go wrong with a trip to Toys R Us for Isaiah's Christmas wish. 


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