"Can't say I'd say no to being Kate Middleton for a day or 10."-@AVeryLuckyGirl
I totally just quoted my own twitter account, but it's totally necessary. I adore Princess Kate and it was a very factual statement.  This is not a new fascination:
April 29, 2011
i'm literally watching history in the making. the wedding of kate and prince william. i'm freaking about it. i've been up all night thx to 2 3G chargers [boosts of caffeine available for Jamba smoothies] and 2 cups of coffee. i'm recording it on TLC and NBC and now i'm watching the preshow. i cant even begin to tell you how much i wish i was in london for this.
i started a tumblr and i've been frantically blogging about this wedding. i feel like this wedding is continuation of diana and charles' story finally getting a happily ever after. i'm obsessed with finding out what the dress looks like! me and megan hunter are going to be heytelling about it at 3 am. it's about 2:15 now.
seriously almost cried. so precious. her dress is absolutely beautiful, it's a vneck with a full skirt and train. they kissed twice on the balony, sooo gorgeous. prince harry told wills "just wait til you see her" as she was coming down the aisle.
Yes, that is an excerpt (grammatical errors and all) from my actual journal. I don't capitalize letters when I casually hand write; it could be a problem. The point is that most little girls don't outgrow the royalty bug. I shamelessly bought the special edition magazines for one of the most iconic weddings in world history. I paused the TV without hesitation to TAKE PICTURES of the moments that are STILL permanently etched on the memory of the DVR.

Kate Middleton epitomizes class. Which is why this Tumblr account is so fantastically hysterical. Please, enjoy these tidbits.

Princess Kate wouldn't be caught dead saying any of the above statements in anything but jest (...although she was caught sunbathing topless...), but even though I (and most of the rest of world) think she is perfect, she still went through puberty.
Unfortunately, she has the money and the power to make sure that most of her unflattering pictures stay off of the Internet. This is legitimately the only nongorgeous picture I could rustle up out of the depths of the Interwebs.

So Kate, how YOU doin'? Hook A Very Lucky Girl up with your job? Or just your closet?


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