So Call Me. Maybe.

Carly Rae Jepsen became an overnight sensation with her hit song, "call me maybe" this summer. 

Things I love about this song:
1.             The gentleman in the music video isn't hard to look at. 
2.             It's catchy and perfect to jam to in your best friend's red jeep with the top off (the car's top. to be clear.)
3.             It's accurate.
It's not that I've had lots of experience in handing out my number and wishing for calls, maybe. I think I've actually only done it once, on a dare. It was lunchtime at the mall food court and my friends and I were demolishing ChickfilA as only high school senior girls can do. There was a semi-attractive (at least from the back) male ordering food from the neighboring establishment. I am not a bold person, so they somehow made this mission something I couldn't get out of and I walked up, trembling, to the boy in question. I clutched the napkin with my number scrawled across it and timidly approached, smoothly saying, "hey, thought you could use a napkin", throwing the paper at his body and sprinting away, back to the comfort of my waffle fries. He texted me a few days later, but his name was Taylor too so that didn't work out. Turns out he worked at the T-Mobile kiosk in the mall and I had to find new routes to Forever 21 to avoid his workstation for a year. 

Maybe other girls have a charm factor that I lack and thus, better luck with the chance meeting and number exchanging. What this song is really good for though? Music videos. Of the homemade variety. How many do I have of Megan performing just this song on my phone? At least 3. I'll only share one though; she deserves a little mystery in her repertoire. 

This was on our way to Tulsa for The Color Run (incredibly awesome experience that you should totally sign up for if they are coming to a city near you!) The really bad singing you hear in the background? That might be A Very Lucky Girl. My apologies. 


  1. THANK YOU for being the best bestfriend I can think of and NOT posting the sunglasses/hanger one. I don't know if the world is ready to see that just yet.


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