PartyPartyParty Let's All...Be Responsible?

totally believable
His midlife crisis hairstyle
Paul and Shari went to Vegas from Sunday until Wednesday to celebrate 24 years of marriage. Those crazy kids. Show of hands for how rude it was for them to not invite me? It's unanimous? Yeah, my thoughts exactly. But as Oakes was gallivanting off at Kamp Kanukuk I was the designated dog care-giver. YippeKiYay!

But I got the extra perk of having the house to myself for 4 days. And what did I do with that time? Throw wild parties every single night and then scurry to scrub down the puke stains on Wednesday? Nope! I did laundry, dishes, and was in bed by midnight almost every night. Where has my youth gone?!?

Did I wedge a chair in front of the doorknob of my room to ward off any intruders? Yep. Am I ashamed? Not a bit. I'm 20, not superwoman. Beignet and I fended off loneliness with visits from both Tyler and Megan, respectively. Have I mentioned that I have some pretty cool people in my life? But no one can measure up to the obsession the dog has with my father so she moped around, refusing to eat and throwing everything up after a full day of starving herself. We bonded SO MUCH. family is hilarious. The term "family" includes all but our resident Ginger. He's the silent type. I'm excited to have my family back home so we can continue our shenanigans in real time. The Arceneaux household is Comedy Central; I'm A Very Lucky Girl.


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