Day Jah Voo

My trip back to Beaumont brought on a serious case of dejavu. Moriah and her mom met me at Houston Hobby airport and we made the trek back to Beaumont, guided by the light from the oil refinery factories. #homesweethome. We crossed Taylor's Bayou (it's a real place), passed Gator Country, and my old home. The new inhabitants have really let it go. There was a PLASTIC swing set just dangling off one of the frequently tp'd trees while the walkway was nearly invisible through the overgrown bushes. Respectful way to treat my old abode. If they hadn't been obviously home (open garage depicted a mini van holding court) I would have had no qualms about sneaking around back for a quick dip in the delectable pool. On second thought, who knows how many kids have peed in that thing since I've been gone.

I woke up on Moriah's floor on Saturday morning and was instantly transported to high school. Was Friday night a football game at Legacy in autumn followed by the typical sleepover? The subsequent trip to the mall only made high school seem more never ending. I slipped into the ChickfilA in the food court (my first taxpaying job EVER!) and inhaled the scent of waffle fries. I used to smell like that everyday of my life in Beaumont. I decided "why the hell not" and decided to get my cartilage pierced because Moriah Jo is a bad influence and I succumbed to peer pressure. I don't regret it. except for the not being able to sleep on my left side situation. Moriah waited to go bikini shopping for the first time WITH ME! I was so happy that I got to be with her helping to make selections (I made her try on some UGLY suits). It's encouraging that some friendships are important and meaningful enough to save the milestones.

It was so exciting to see old friends like Callie and Hannah and to hear about how much they have grown since I've been gone. Out of high school now and on to collegiate endeavors, both of these ladies have respect for themselves and a genuine love for God that is crystal clear in their actions. I couldn't be more proud of them! But at the same time, to hear and see friends that haven't made the wisest choices (following in the footsteps that I didn't intend to set) is devastating. I don't have any right to judge them, so I don't. But I do wish only the best decisions for their futures. 

Several people referred to Beaumont as my home, i.e. "are you really coming home!?!" Beaumont's not my home. It hasn't been for several years. I'm not sure if I ever was "home" in that environment. Home is where your heart is, right? So if that's the case then A Very Lucky Girl still isn't home. I don't move back to Norman for 25 more days. 


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