Going to take a week off from blogging. It's vacation time for A Very Lucky Girl. I already watched two gentlemen in front of me on the flight to Houston drink themselves silly in a 45 minute period. I'd almost be impressed if I wasn't judging them (just being honest). I'm languishing in memory lane in Beaumont, Texas for a few days. Woke up to a delicious thunderstorm, and Moriah only 3 feet away. What more could I want? 2 years in a city (can Beaumont be called a city...?) doesn't sound like much, but it revealed some true friendships. The kind that can be maintained with minimal effort, the kind that only change for the better everytime you're together. It's been 2 years since I've last experienced this town. I'm thrilled to see familiar faces and eat Nevrosky's. I'm sure to learn a few lessons on this adventure, and A Very Lucky Girl won't be selfish with new insights. But you'll have to wait a week. XO


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