Balancing Act

I'm new to this whole dating-somebody-that-I-actually-really-like thing. So, as a result, I love to spend time with him. But I'm afraid I've been mismanaging some of my other relationships. My friends are important to me and I don't give up on any of my relationships. Even ones that turn sour. I hate having enemies and try at all costs to avoid making any. But I'm human and I fail. I don't want to neglect my other friendships because of Tyler, but neither will I be okay with neglecting Tyler because of my friends. I'm still learning how to prioritize. 

I think I've been doing better about making time for everybody lately. But communicating about a problem is most important. If anyone ever feels like I'm ignoring them or not valuing them enough, I want to know. If I don't know I won't be able to fix it. Just tell A Very Lucky Girl, okay? Because you are all important to me. 


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