Double Standard

On Sunday I went to Life Church with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world, Megan and Tyler. All was fine and dandy until Craig Groeschel (the pastor) convinced me with sucker punch wisdom that I don't open my Bible enough.

Let me explain. You see that blue book leaning against the wall in the corner?
That's the Holy Bible. Want to know how long it's been sitting there unopened? YEAH, I'LL BET YOU DO. I'm not telling. I do read the Bible regularly, Tyler and I do daily verses from the YouVersion Bible App that Life Church produces (yes, we are the cutest couple in all rooms at all times, how'd you know?) But I don't read it in print. I have been known to rant against the atrocity of all books being available digitally now, classics such as Little Women and Anne of Green Gables should stay page-TURNERS, not page-swipers. But what's the most classic of them all? The Bible. Do I treat it like my worn copies of my favorite reads? No, it sits pretty and pristine, translating to "unloved" on my bookshelf. 

Craig used the movie "The Book of Eli" to illustrate his point. I have never seen the entire movie, but the clips shown during the sermon convinced me to add it to the never-ending list of pending entertainment. I don't want to ruin any endings for anyone, but when Eli starts spouting the Bible, word for word, including chapter and verses, Genesis to Revelation at the conclusion of the movie, I was struck by how blessed I am to have access to the Bible. Multiple Bibles at that. The Arceneaux household easily has 2 Bibles to every member of the family. Plus, I'm sure it's downloaded onto every electronic device (5). That's at least 13 Bibles within our walls. 

I have memorized passages of the Bible in the past. Justin Buchanan (my old youth pastor) used fun pranks as incentive to encourage memorization. The best trade-off? I memorized the entire first chapter of First John and was permitted to turn Justin into a giant human ice cream sundae, complete with chocolate syrup, cherries, sprinkles, and whipped cream, in front of the entire youth group. Note that I said memorizED. Don't ask me to recite it again. 

I want to start taking the time to really READ the Bible. To sit down with my actual copy, feel the pages beneath my fingers, and experience what God has to say. A Very Lucky Girl is trading in her excuses for expectations. 


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