Music To My Ears

So, as most of you know, I've been nannying for an 8 and 10 year old all summer. I ferry them all across town, from Frontier City to White Water Bay to Walmart for crafting supplies. So we spend some time in the car. And I am not one to drive in silence. I didn't want to expose them to 102.7 or 104.9 (the pop stations) or even 93.3 (the resident country station) so I've kept the radio tuned to 88.9 (KLOVE). I don't regret that decision for a single second. Not only does it keep them from learning songs like Usher's Scream, a song that I caught the neighbor boy singing in the house a few weeks ago that idolizes casual sex (in a really catchy upbeat way), but I could only hope that KLOVE has made an impression. And then something awesome happened a few weeks ago.

We were driving home from a Walmart excursion and "Our God's Alive" by Andy Cherry was playing (one of my all-time favorites). I thought I heard someone talking in the backseat and held my breath as I realized that Brother was singing along. At this point I had only been part of their lives for maybe a week and a half. I didn't dare presume that I had made that impact, maybe their family listens to KLOVE as well? I don't know anything for sure about their religious beliefs. But I heard him singing along again, to a different song, a few weeks ago. And to another one last week. And whether it's me, or his family, or God (likely God), the fact that I even had such a small part in introducing him to some level of spirituality is incredibly humbling. Maybe A Very Lucky Girl is in that home for such a time as this. 


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