A Passion for Pinterest

I go through phases of addictiveness to Pinterest. I'm currently in an "on" phase, partially because it's one more thing I can do on my phone while I nanny, and partially because I have a little bit more free time for arts and crafts projects. Or, at least, I tell myself I do. 

I have 18 boards. And within those boards are far too many pins to count.

This is my catch-all board. A miscellaneous category, if you will. It contains workout pins, Alpha Delta Pi paraphernalia, and random projects that I mean to get around to completing. Eventually. 

For the Love of All Words.
The board of quotes. Any phrase that I relate to gets re-pinned. My current favorite is a Proverb, "She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." I am in the process of crafting a wall ornament with those words to inspire me to be that woman. 

I'm not a photographer. But if I ever suddenly get really talented, or more likely, if I get lots of friends and family and want to document that accomplishment, then I'll have an entire board with photo ideas.

This is one of the requisite "I'm a girl, can't do anything about it" boards. You might find some cute puppies and chubby babies in it. 

These are all of the things that I want to get in my belly sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, I'm the only one that can make that happen. And I think the only recipe I've perfected is the one for vodka gummy bears. #collegekidproblems

What Makes You Beautiful.
I reluctantly admit to stealing the title from One Direction. It houses perfect nails that I will never be able to paint, hair styles that my clumsy fingers cannot perform, and jewelry I can't afford. I recently tried an oil pastel hair dye trick. It's less effective for dye and more effective for tangling your hair until it's a giant knot. 

Take Me Away.
Relatively self-explanatory. I want to go to all these places. It's a destination bucket list, and I notice myself pinning more to it around exam time. Beaches > library. 

E-cards galore. And ridiculous plays on words that make me laugh out loud, hence the title. 

Mhmm, Please. Can I Wake Up Next to You?
I'm almost embarrassed of this title. But what else would you call a board filled with snapshots of Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Jef Holm, Alex Pettyfer, Jude Law, John Stamos, Luke Bryan, Bradley Cooper, and Ryan Reynolds? Nothing else is appropriate. 

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
I basically disregard all holidays but Christmas when it comes to Pinterest. So it deserved its own board. Complete with decor that is way out of my league, but I'll continue to pin to it like I'm going to lead the neighborhood decoration committee or something.

Home Sweet Home.
Obviously filled with all of the practical necessities. Like repainted wine bottles, a fish bowl built into the wall, sparkly doorknobs, and an underground pool below the house. Buying my own home someday is gonna be a real letdown. I'm going to want it to come Pinterest accessorized.

To Do List.
I only pin to this board when I think the project is actually doable. There are 38 pins that I consider possible. I have done a grand total of....0. 

When I'm a Bartender.
Dranks on dranks on dranks. Super appetizing grown-up beverages. Me and Shari are going to work our way through this board after July 1, 2013. She just doesn't know it yet. 

Summer Childcare Job.
I spent time looking just for projects that the kids would enjoy this summer. Which is how I found the incredible water gun painting idea! So Pinterest isn't a TOTAL waste of time!

Pshh...Been There, Done That.
This board has 11 pins. Those are all the recipes, projects, and activities I have done. 11 pins. Out of a total of 1,476. I need some motivation.

Dreaming a Little Dream.
Every girl on Pinterest has one of these, I swear. Even the ones that have been known to rant against marriage (me). But it's a board with ideas for a future wedding. Which makes all girls crazy. Because most of them are totally single or totally a million years away from even thinking about marriage (OMG MAGIC MIKE COMMERCIAL JUST CAME ON. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT AND YOU ARE FEMALE YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON PHENOMENAL ABS). But hey, it never hurts to be prepared. 

Get in my Closet. Now.
As demanding as the title of this board is, I don't own any of these clothes. Because my style taste and my price range have this really inconvenient habit of not matching up. But A Very Lucky Girl can dream. 

Pinterest is a giant wish list. Of a closet, kitchen, house, and appearance that I want to have. The disappointing thing is that I can make a lot of the wishes reality, if I just stopped pinning long enough to actually complete said project within the pin. Pinception. Maybe I just need to start thinking like a more realistic Very Lucky Girl. 


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